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Pigeon vole, 2004

Tate Modern a day of June 2004. In the display space on level 2, an installation of Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset. The documentation says: "part of their series entitled Powerless Structures, in which they transformed the convention of the "white cube" gallery space".

And that's exactly what it was: an empty white room with a gallery warden looking at his shoes as there was nothing else to look at, at the exception of an animatronic bird, shivering from time to time in the window.

I was watching the bird from outside when something else caught my eye. There was a pigeon's head on the ground next to me. Not a whole pigeon, just the head...and no trace of the body. What was it doing there?

Was it part of the installation? Nothing mentioned in the documentation so probably not. May be this man pointing a video camera in my direction was responsible for the pigeon's head and was now documenting the impact of his intervention on people passing by/me?

The man came closer and looked at the pigeon head in disgust. He walked away and carried on filming his girlfriend who was now making her way into the gallery.

All of this was just in my head. The pigeon's head installation was just a creation of my imagination (or may be not!). The pigeon head installation was therefore my creation.


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