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Is it possible?

Foundry, London
18-23 August 2009

Stéphanie Busson (London) and Sabine Jamme (Berlin) attempted to collaborate through long-distance phone calls and digital media. The aim of this experiment was to explore the dynamics and the mechanisms of artistic collaboration and to investigate issues of collaboration within this specific context:

  1. How does long distance affect the collaboration?
  2. What are the challenges and opportunities in such a process
  3. How will the two artists inspire and influence each other’s work?

The project also explored collaborative work as a way for contemporary artists to support each other,  to share resources, to build up cross-boundaries networks and ultimately to expand the field of their own practice.

Busson and Jamme started their collaboration in March 09 using the distance and their limited interaction as a starting point to their collaborative work - Is it possible?

The show at the Foundry presented works which had been created based on their weekly conversations but also other pieces produced by each artist in the past, assembled as a dialogue – a response to each other.


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