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Etats des Lieux

Villa Cameline, Nice
7 June - 21 June 2013

Etats des Lieux explores the idea of home in the broadest sense: What makes a physical, domestic, geographical, cultural space a home? How do we repeatedly inhabit and appropriate the space around us, move after move? How does increased mobility opportunities and migration flow impact on our sense of belonging/ affect our cultural identity?

The project brings together Stéphanie Busson, Vincent Chomaz and Sabine Jamme. For Etats des Lieux, the three artists worked separately to produce new works in response to these questions. They only became aware of each others work at the time of installation, confronting and questioning, in the process, the idea of artistic collaboration.

The first occurrence of the project took place at Villa Cameline [Maison Abandonnée], Nice in June 2013. A publication including texts by Chomaz and Busson and photographs by Jamme was produced at the occasion of the exhibition.


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